February 19, 2017


The retail product services at Surya Honey are dedicatedly involved in providing various retail outlets the option of having high quality honey in customized packages, under its own Internationally Recognized brands or other private labels, to help them achieve the highest satisfaction among their consumers.

The manufacturing of honey, for these purposes, is subjected to stringent quality checks and the available world class facilities, with the organization, are kept under strict supervision to make sure that every bit of honey, being packed for the retail purposes, is not compromised upon in terms of its quality.

One can order from among varying types and sizes of bottles of honey. For glass bottles, you can explore either square glass bottles or round glass bottles, depending upon your requirements. For the pet bottles, on the other hand, the available types include square pet bottles, wide hex pet jars, royal hex pet jars, apple pet jars and squeeze pet bottles.

Glass Bottles

Availability of round and square glass bottles, for packaging of honey, makes its use convenient and easy. Such glass bottles find the favor of most people, using the product.

Pet Bottle

Pet bottles are becoming more popular due to their convenience and easy storage. Several different pet bottle packaging variations grace the list of available options with Surya Honey. One also has the option of developing specialized PET bottles with Surya as per customer requirements.