February 13, 2017

About Us

Surya Corporation is a major supplier of Honey in the Indian Market dealing in 5,00 tonnes a year. Surya Corporation specializes in various types of Honey such as Multi-flora, Litchi, Eucalyptus, Karanj, Kangda Valley, Kashmir-White, Forest Honey etc.Surya Corporation has a state of the art Honey Processing unit. A Fully equipped Laboratory with the most modern equipment.
It is constantly upgraded to meet world class testing procedures and norms. Surya Honey is collected and processed under.AGMARK & BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) quality standards.



Surya Corporation is absolutely passionate about, its quality of products and the hygiene duringmanufacturing.Surya Corporation is absolutely passionate about, its quality of products and the hygiene during manufacturing. Ensure optimum levels of cleanliness. Plastic Gloves are provided to employees while handling and packaging is done in a high technology plant.

The next time you’re enjoying a Surya Honey you can be rest assured for hygiene and taste. So far whatever Surya Corporation has achieved is greatly due to its commitment towards quality, hygiene, diversity and its Pursuit to give the consumer the best from the very beginning Surya Corporation has been a marketing friendly company setting new consumer trends always.Tomorrow is another day, but for Surya Corporation, it is another Challenge.

Another opportunity to spread its name and its goodness. For That constant focus on products and quality is key. After all, Surya Corporation believes that it is a company that does everything in good taste from the start.

Our Brands

Surya Honey has continuously strived to adhere to stringent norms in its production process to let its customers avail of the ultimate benefits of honey in its purest form. The company’s endeavour has resulted in the manufacturing of some of the most sought after honey products, which have been acclaimed across the globe

The company’s manufacturing expertise has not only been confined to raw honey but it has even extended its horizons to other products. Its brands include a variety of natural products, which boast of honey’s healing qualities with other natural ingredients. The innovations of the product have been acknowledged and appreciated by various bodies of the world.

An assortment of some of the healthiest and purest natural products constitutes the offerings of Nature’s Nectar, by Surya Honey. Delivering some exciting new products, made of pure honey, Nature’s Nectar will provide your taste buds a new high and let them yearn for more. It has a variety of honey product ranges, establishing new synonyms to health and taste.

Honey Chew
Chew into the most innovative and sumptuous delicacy to have been launched in recent times, as acknowledged by ANUGA 2007 Awards, with ‘zero’ trans fat and no trace of cholesterol. Healthy, tasty and an effective substitute to sugar candies, this candy bar is a no guilt destination for your tongue pleasure. Enjoy it in many exciting flavours like natural, ginger-lemon, mango, peppermint and ora.


Corporate Responsibility

An organization today is not only faced by the challenge of sustaining itself in the ever increasing competition of the modern world, it has also to make sure that its actions contribute towards the betterment of the society. Be it in your sector of work or any other segment of the society, doing your bit for the social cause is imperative.

Our Endeavor Towards A better World

Surya Honey is a part of the society and one which is sensitive towards its requirements and needs. The organization has constantly made large strides towards the establishment of a better world through any amount of contribution that it can make.

Surya Foundation for Rural Development is one of the oldest active Non-Government Organizations (NGO) involved in the upliftment of the poor and landless farmers. This way, it has managed to make a small contribution towards this seething populace of our country, compromising of more than 60% of the total population.

Some other efforts of the organization include initiatives to encourage bee keeping in the rural areas of the country to provide respectable livelihood to the poor by creating a stream of income for them.

We also conduct regular seminars and training camps across India for existing beekeepers to educate them about the new techniques and to try and understand and resolve their problems at the ground level.